How To Use Youtube SEO For Freelance Business

Youtube is an online video sharing platform that allows you to create content for your channel in order to increase views, visibility, reachability, and conversions.

With the various tools and features that it offers, it is an excellent platform that can really help your business. Youtube is a low-cost option for small businesses.

You can use YouTube to promote your brand, interact with your audience, showcase your products and services, answer customer questions, and show your office life.

Improving the Quality of Your YouTube Videos SEO is essential for increasing traffic and visitors, but the problem is that most SEO guides are far too complicated for newcomers to understand, and thus errors are unavoidable when implementing those methodologies.

Nonetheless, you cannot deny that it is nearly impossible to thrive in the world of clutching competitions without the best youtube Seo practises. So, these are some of the most basic and effective guides for developing your YouTube SEO techniques.

It is a guide that will walk you through the best practices of YouTube SEO step by step, saving you time from the complex and technical stuff that anyone can find difficult to understand.

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10 Steps To Use Youtube SEO For Freelance Business

The steps listed below can be implemented by any freelance business using YouTube SEO.

1. Recognise your target keyword

When it comes to targeting the exact audience that you want for your brand, Youtube search engine optimization is extremely helpful. It provides access to numerous digital tools such as keyword research, on-topic search, relevant leads, remarking, affinity audience, and in-market prospects, resulting in the achievement of the goal you set.

When you identify your target keywords, you have completed the first step in the content creation process. It is critical to consider keyword targeting from the beginning of the content development process, as this will help your YouTube video rank and increase your visibility later on.

If you do not focus on keyword research at the start, you may miss out on an opportunity to help your video, which will cost you later. Also, keep in mind that whatever keywords you use should be relevant and that people should be searching for them because there is no point in using keywords if no one searches for them.

You can improve your keyword research by using various keyword platforms such as TubeBuddy or SEMRush, which will assist you in selecting the right keyword for your content, which will improve your post and help you get the desired results.

2. Interactive Description

The video description is similar to a brief about something that helps people understand what this content is all about and guides them to whether or not this is what they are looking for. It can be the difference between someone watching your video and leaving your channel if it is not relevant to what they are looking for.

You have complete access to data that has and has not worked in your favour. You can set your goals and be confident that a thorough analysis of your successes and failures will be provided by YouTube search engine optimization.

When a user reaches, subscribes, or signs up for your product or service, you can get the details right away.

While other marketing techniques charge you for anything and everything, you only have to pay when your set goals are met in this marketing technique. It is a very traditional approach for new startups and smaller businesses that do not have a large marketing budget.

3. Create Titles

You should come up with a title that is relevant to your content and that people will find useful. The title of the video should reflect the information provided in the video.

The title is the first thing your viewer sees, and it can be a huge deciding factor in whether or not they continue watching your video. The title of the video determines how many views it receives and how interactive your content is for viewers.

You should not think of it as a one-liner that will not influence your opinions; rather, it has the potential to make or break your video. It makes no difference how much high-quality content you upload; it is the title of the video that determines whether or not people will watch it.

When compared to other advertising platforms, Youtube search engine optimization is very interactive. It engages the audience by conducting surveys and displaying ads that are relevant to what they are looking for. This improves interactions between viewers and brands without requiring them to meet in person.

4. Use Hashtags Wisely To Drive Youtube Search Results

The use of hashtags(#) has had a significant impact on social media searches. It assists the search in returning content that has used the most relevant hashtags in relation to that category.

When searching for something, you can use multiple hashtags in your video description to help users find relevant content. It is acceptable to use hashtags, but do not overburden your content with irrelevant hashtags; otherwise, the user will not find your video or content effective.

Use strong hashtags that are currently trending and are commonly used by people to search for something specific. Tags specifically drive YouTube searches because tags help to highlight key trends.

When you use a hashtag, it appears above the video’s title and becomes a hyperlink. You must also understand the technicalities of using hashtags and where they should be placed.

If you include a hashtag in the title of your content, hashtags from the description will not appear in the video title. These little tricks will assist you in carrying out your desired strategy; otherwise, even if you use a lot of relevant hashtags, if the placement is incorrect, it will not produce the desired effect and will drive fewer search results to your content.

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5. Relevancy

When creating content for a specific topic, you must ensure that the content is both relevant and not absurd. This means that if a viewer searches for “What is search engine optimization?” your content should show data on the topic, rather than data on Microsoft Excel, which is completely irrelevant to what the viewer has searched for.

You should always strive to create content that completely supports your topic and is relevant to what people are looking for.

One of the most significant benefits of YouTube SEO is that you can reach people all over the world. If you only speak one language, you could communicate with them by simply expressing your emotions and using subtitles.

Everyone wants a new audience; the best way to find them is to experiment with new tools and methods. Building an audience is essential for freelancing businesses. You can do so by engaging with your audience, beginning with what you know and focusing on audience preferences. These are some of the ways you can have a large audience that will later recognise you and your brand.

6. Decide a video category

When searching for a specific video with advanced options, you can search it from the video categories. It is critical to categorise your video because it increases the likelihood that viewers will find your video when searching for videos in that category.

Youtube has a plethora of categories for posting videos, so it’s relatively simple to find one that fits your video. Take your time classifying the video because if you put it in the wrong category, users will definitely leave negative comments, thwarting your goal.

Once you’ve placed your video in the appropriate category, whenever a user searches for that category, your video will be found in the appropriate location, completely justifying the location where it was discovered, creating a positive image of the content and satisfaction for the viewer.

Some categories of videos that youtube already has are:

  • – Films and animations
  • – Autos and vehicles
  • – Music
  • – Pete and animals
  • – Sports
  • – Gaming
  • – People and Blogs
  • – Comedy
  • – Entertainment
  • – Education
  • – News and politics
  • – Science and technology
  • – Fashion and style

7. Customize Your Thumbnail Image

Thumbnails can have an impact on your videos in both positive and negative ways. When the search results are displayed, they are the most prominent and important source of attracting attention.

A good relatable or intriguing thumbnail will undoubtedly entice the viewer to watch your video, whereas an irrelevant or inappropriate thumbnail will drive traffic away regardless of how good the content inside the video is.

Thumbnails are the first point of interest that the user sees after the search results are displayed. Strong thumbnails typically result in increased watch time, which raises your content rating and ranking.

As a result, it is highly recommended that you meticulously design your content so that it gives the best idea of what will be inside the video. Creating generic thumbnails is no longer an effective strategy due to the overwhelming number of such thumbnails on YouTube.

You must work on your thumbnail so that it stands out from the crowd while still precisely defining your content. When creating your thumbnail, you should use smart text and images. An effective thumbnail combined with a catchy video title will undoubtedly capture the attention of a large number of viewers.

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8. Add Subtitles And Closed Captions

Subtitles and closed captions are also one of the most effective and fruitful techniques for driving YouTube search results to your content and increasing views.

The purpose of subtitles is to convey the language used in the video or a translation of that language.

It can be useful for people who are unfamiliar with the language or are completely unaware of it. If you make a video in your native language, adding English subtitles will allow all viewers to understand the content and enjoy the video, whereas closed captions are for viewers who can’t hear the audio.

Overall, it’s similar because both subtitles and closed captions contain the text of what’s in the video, much like a transcript. The file also includes time codes to correctly sync the subtitles with the time when it is said in the video.

Time code is required for precision; otherwise, the content on the video and subtitles displayed are completely different, which is highly irritating for the user, and your content is disliked or pushed down in the ranking list.

Another benefit of having subtitles and closed captions is that your video can now be found by large search engines.

It is also an easy process to add these elements to your video. You can do it on the video upload screen where you have the option to select the video and video language.

9. Integrate Cards And End Screens

They make your video more relevant by connecting the user to other similar content or content that should be watched immediately after that video.

Cards are small icons that appear during a video and can be used to navigate to another video. If a user is watching the second part of a video and hasn’t seen the first part, a card can be added to the second part to direct the user to the first part, giving the user a better understanding of the entire content.

End screens are the small icons or screens that appear at the end of a video. They assist you in jumping to another video that belongs to the same category or is related to the video that the user has just finished.

This can help you improve your rankings by giving the audience more opportunities to explore your content or relevant content. It increases user engagement and view time.

10. Inbound Traffic

Your inbound traffic will be limited to your regular customers if you do not market your business on social media. You can expand your customer base by using YouTube as a marketing tool.

YouTube is a melting pot of people with diverse behaviours and backgrounds. Different people have different needs and think in different ways. By marketing on YouTube, you can effectively reach a broader range of diverse customers all over the world.

One of the most important business benefits of YouTube is the ability to make genuine human connections that result in meaningful relationship moments. Introducing your followers to people who contributed to the creation of your business and demonstrating how your existing customers are using and benefiting from your products.

It’s simple: originality, loyalty, and authenticity build trust in your customers, which leads to profit for your business. Among all social media platforms, YouTube is the best place to get real.

You get the most organic inbound traffic from YouTube search engine optimization, which leads to the desired expected results. This also aids in generating more qualified leads that can be converted into final sales and closed deals.

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So, that is how a YouTube search engine optimization can help a freelance business without spending a lot of money. This is all you need to know about how YouTube SEO works, and you’ll be fine. This was hopefully informative and entertaining for you, as well as useful.


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