At Tap For Tech, we strive to keep you informed so that you can stay ahead of the curve rather than fall behind it. These are some of the most important SEO and digital marketing trends for 2022 in our industry.

Featured Snippets continue to be relevant.

We all want quick answers to our questions, and we don’t want to sift through the top results to find them.

When you ask a question, Google displays a small piece of information at the top of the page called a featured snippet. It tries to display the most valuable content to the reader.

The obvious advantage of obtaining a featured snippet is increased traffic. It’s incredible to be at the top of organic search results. It’s also a matter of prestige because Google claims that your content is the most trustworthy source of knowledge.

Keywords are less important than search intent or user intent.

To rank well in search at the beginning of the search, content had to include specific keywords or phrases.

However, Google’s algorithms have improved in this area and now focus on user intent rather than specific keywords.

Do they want to buy something or simply get information? Do they want to compare products before making a purchase, or do they want to look for food nearby?

So, as you create your content, think about why people would ask this question. How would they go about it? Is there a common phrase they use, or do they use a voice assistant in the form of a conversational topic?

After careful consideration, it will assist you in writing higher-quality content to achieve the desired results.

Faster load times will result in increased SEO rankings in 2022.

Page speed has a direct impact on ranking. This is especially true following Google’s algorithm speed update. Speed can also have an indirect impact on your rankings by continuing to increase bounce rate and dwell time.

Google has stated unequivocally that the user comes first. Google considers slow page load speeds to be a poor user experience.

EAT and High-Quality Content is Essential

It is critical to have “high-quality content” if you want to improve your relationship with your readers. Google’s abbreviation is EAT. Which stands for expertise, authority, and dependability.

Expertise – Google wants you to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and knowledge. You must demonstrate to Google that you are the expert on your content, as opposed to your competitors.

Authority – When your product or topic is associated with your brand, you gain authority. Having your blog mentioned or linked to in other blogs demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about. Linking to your LinkedIn profiles can also help establish authority.

Trustworthiness – Are you who you claim to be? Do your readers come to you for up-to-date information? Positive online reviews, a secure domain, terms and conditions pages, and refund and return policies can all contribute to your credibility.

Longer and more frequent content ranks higher.

The more content you create, the more keywords and questions you will be able to answer. Because each piece of content should focus on one primary keyword and a few secondary keywords, there must be a substantial amount of content to establish authority.

Google prefers information-rich content. And, in most cases, the top results contain more than 2,000 words.

Not because Google counts words, but because long-form content provides more opportunities for backlinks, LSI keywords, and more useful content to keep visitors on the page for longer periods (another ranking factor).

Simply put, don’t compromise quality for quantity.

Local SEO

By 2020, local intent would account for 46 percent of all Google searches. You can gain a competitive advantage over the local competition by prioritizing your local SEO. It’s also critical to demonstrate to potential customers that you exist and are a legitimate business.

As a result, optimize your Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business. Add posts to your GBP and ensure that your NAP is consistent across the board. Include your website in business directories and listings. Add location pages, create local content, and obtain authoritative local inbound links.

Social Media Marketing in 2022

Determine where your customers are and create niche content that they will enjoy. This will require extensive testing and time, so determine which social media channels are most popular with your target audience.

Then experiment with A/B split testing. Establish trust in your brand by posting consistent high-quality content that your audience can engage with on social media.

Video Marketing is here to stay

Video marketing is not only a popular trend today, but it is also expected to continue for the next decade. This is more than just making a video and uploading it to YouTube; video marketing also includes live broadcasting on Instagram, Facebook (now renamed Meta), and TikTok (now the number one visited website on the internet).

Including videos in your articles can increase dwell time and provide a more engaging user experience. There are also advantages to using audio for a podcast or including it in your email marketing campaigns.

Video marketing is no longer an option; it has become a requirement. According to studies, 74% of marketers believe video has a higher ROI than static images and 68% believe it outperforms Google Ads.

Improved Search Console Reporting

In search console reports, Google has made some significant improvements to news-specific traffic. For the Google News Section, we have a separate GSC performance report.

Then Google’s API was updated to allow us to export Discover performance data as well. Are you unfamiliar with Google Discover? Here’s an explanation of how Discover differs from Search.

New Google Ranking Factors Include Core Web Vitals and Page Experience

The experience of interacting with a web page beyond its informational value is referred to as page experience. This ranking factor will be implemented in August of 2021. It assesses how people perceive the interaction and must work across all devices and connections.

Other Core Web Vitals factors include load time, content stability, interactivity, and user data security.

Evergreen content is becoming increasingly important.

Google has recently taught us that content that is fresh and up to date ranks higher. That was the focus in 2021. However, for 2022, people are beginning to place equal emphasis on evergreen content.

Content that is evergreen has a long shelf life. It lacks a news feel and instead revolves around a topic or idea that is relevant time and again. It maintains a consistent level of interest, and the concept never gets old. This type of content assists people in becoming smarter, living a better life, and/or learning something new.

Stay in the know about Google’s Discover feed.

Google’s Discover feed has been a great source of traffic for some publishers, but it is also a little more mysterious. The rules for ranking in Discover are less well-known, and it is based on interest rather than search.

To rank on Discover, you’ll need to take a completely different approach to content optimization. In 2022, this will evolve into something more. Its popularity is growing, and Google will continue to make changes. Google, hopefully, will provide better information and documentation on how to make your content more discoverable.

Tap For Tech makes every effort to keep you informed and ahead of the digital marketing curve. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top digital marketing trends for 2022 in our industry.

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